A raw diamond is not usually all that beautiful in its own right; for this reason, diamond cuts are given by professional jewelers. There are a number of diamond cuts; a jeweler will look at the raw diamond and give it the cut that best suits its natural beauty. Following is an overview of the different diamond cuts that can be given.

Asscher and Emerald Diamond Cuts:

This particular cut was created over a hundred years ago but has only gained popularity just recently. This stepped square cut is quite similar to the emerald cut, except it is square in shape instead of rectangular. Asscher cut diamond rings can easily be found either online or at regular stores. The diamonds that are given this particular cut are naturally small. However, this cut gives the diamond a more prominent appearance in the ring, making it stand out from the other stones used and the ring itself.

The emerald diamond cut was originally used for emeralds; hence the name. This particular cut is one of the most common and popular diamond cuts. A diamond that has been given this cut is rectangular shaped and has cropped corners. Emerald cut diamonds are quite simple in appearance, but they have a natural air of elegance. Emerald cut diamond rings can be worn for most any occasion.

Fiery Diamond Cuts:

A person that is looking for a fiery diamond ring that will sparkle, scintillate and catch people’s attention should choose either a pear shaped diamond cut or a radiant diamond cut. Both cuts have many facets and give the diamond a shine and brilliance that is almost unequaled. A pear cut diamond is shaped more like a teardrop than a pear. It is multi-faceted and has an air of sophistication. The radiant cut diamond is rectangular in shape and has cropped corners. However, instead of having a flat face, it has a faceted one.

Round and Oval Diamond Cuts:

Round cuts and oval cuts are similar in style, although the actual shapes are different. The round cut is the cut that is most commonly used for diamond engagement rings. Round diamond cuts and oval diamond cuts are both faceted, giving the diamond an fiery, brilliant appearance. Rings with either one of these cuts can easily be purchased online or from regular stores.

These are only some of the many diamond cuts that have been developed over the years. Other beautiful cuts include the marquise cut, princess cut, heart cut and cushion cut. Diamond cuts enable a jewelry manufacturer to enhance a diamond’s natural beauty. A person that is shopping for a diamond ring should not only consider what type of cut he or she wants but also note the quality of the cut itself. While a ring with a low quality cut may be cheaper, a diamond that has been well cut is simply unequaled. Diamond cuts do a lot to determine what style the ring will be; some cuts create an elegant and ornate ring while others fashion a ring that is classy yet more casual in style.