Imperial-Deltah is a noted leader in the United States pearl jewelry market. From high-end luxury buyers to the casual jewelry buyer looking to accent their look Imperial has it covered. The Company’s exclusive distribution agreement for Eyris Blue Pearls and Imperial’s Crown cultured pearls places Imperial-Deltah at the forefront of pearl pioneering.

We continue to explore opportunities in the Cook Islands, Fiji, China, Mexico and every place pearls are produced to bring to the market all the pearl world has to offer. Imperial offers the most complete pearl jewelry selection on the market from our Crown select 18kt collection to our fun fashion Sterling Silver. We continue to promote pearl education in order advance the appreciation of this fabulous gem.
Imperial’s legacy as the oldest and largest pearl company in the U.S. dates back to the early 1900’s. Today we are still family owned and lead by three generations.
With a long standing heritage, Imperial has developed secure alliances with the finest sources for cultured pearls throughout the world. Whatever your needs are; Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea Golden or White, Freshwater, the new and unusual, we provide it all.Our buyers are skilled at the art of selection and negotiation which means Imperial provides consistent quality and value. Our teams of designers create fashion forward pieces as well as timeless classics and we occupy a state of the art manufacturing facility in the United States where craftsmen are proud of their time honored skills.

The Begining of Imperial