Many people are not conversant when it comes to choosing excellent diamonds and diamond jewelry for that matter until the need arises. This could be as a result of an important occasion like a wedding, engagements or anniversaries. Diamond has become the most versatile jewelry worn by women and has created an undeniable bond to ladies. In choosing diamond, we must be aware of the four C’s that is cuts, color, clarity and carat. They determine the selling price of a diamond. Your choice dictates which ones will dominate and which factors have to be considered. Besides this, we need to know the size, the quality and shape of the stone.

Diamond Cuts Grade

Excellent diamond cuts usually cost higher. Nevertheless in choosing diamonds this is the first thing to consider. Diamond uses light to create a glittering brilliance especially if the cut is perfect. Take it out under natural lighting atmosphere and observe carefully the way the diamond irradiates whenever you turn it under natural light. A good cut diamond use amount of light to show its radiance and if you like the twinkle and the amount of the light reflected in contrast to shadowy areas during the test, certainly this is your priority.

Diamond Quality

Diamonds are naturally rough and are made in the earth’s surface under natural processes. They are extracted, polished and turned into precious stones. The quality of diamond depends on its roughness and how it is polished after extraction. These are classified into three as sawable, makeable and near gem. A small percent of rough stones fall under sawable for it is characterized with well-polished crystal shape and excellent transparency. Makeable stones are second rated to sawable and sometimes lack enough brilliance. Low cost diamond can be under near gem quality.

Diamond Clarity Degree

This has something to do with the transparency of the stone though it is rare to find a diamond without internal flaws. In reality you cannot tell the difference between the degrees of clarity in diamonds. An excellent diamond with FL class clarity will cost more than one with SI1. If you are so sensitive about the clarity of a diamond do not go below a diamond with VS1 or VS2 clarity.

Diamond Carat Weight

Larger carat weight can create a significant difference in price of diamonds. For instance, a difference of 0.04 carat weight will result in a higher price though in reality the two stones may appear of the same size. Fluorescence or rather if the diamond stone altered in color under ultraviolet illumination affects the selling price of diamonds. Weak or average fluorescence is regarded as normal though yellow or green fluorescence reduces the price of a diamond stone by a large extent.

You will come across too many aspects pertaining to an excellent diamond that can be evaluated by a diamond specialist. Buy diamonds sold with a Diamond Laboratory Document provided by a professional laboratory such as Gemology Institute of America, American Gem Society or International Gemology Institute. You can get a quality product while making a purchase in the global diamond market.