Nothing can beat the elegance and sophistication of diamond jewelry so Diamond cuts are super important. It is an essential part of important occasions like wedding etc. If you are planning to buy diamonds then you have to first know about the four ‘Cs’ of these precious stones. They are the caret, clarity, cut and color. And of these, the most important one is the diamond cuts. A good cut enhances the brilliance and brightness of the diamonds. The finish and the angles are also very important which determine how they can be handled and cause the brilliance.

What are Diamond Cuts?

When people talk about cuts they do not talk about the shape. It is actually the proportions like width, depth and uniformity of the facets. All these control the brilliance and durability of the stone. When a diamond is cut properly it enhances the beauty of the precious stone. When the stones are well cut the light enters them through the table it is reflected from one side to other and then travels back to the person’s eye. It is this reflections that make the diamond very captivating and mesmerizing. If they are poorly cut the light enters the diamond but is not reflected back to the person’s eye which causes reduction in its brilliance.

Diamond Cuts and Grades

Since the cuts are very essential in determining the quality of the precious stones they have been graded to aid in selection and determining the cut of a diamond. The grades include ideal, premium, very good, good and fair & poor. Ideal cut diamonds have maximum brilliance. These varieties have smaller tables which create very good dispersion of light. This is usually applicable to round shaped stones.

Premium cuts are similar to the ideal varieties. But they may be slightly less expensive than the ideal cut varieties. Very good cut stones have great brilliance and are a bit larger in shape. They are less expensive than the premium varieties. The good diamonds are able to reflect most of the light which enters. They are also very large diamonds whose proportions are out of the preferred range. People who want to save money as well shop for beautiful diamonds can make use of them. The poor or fair cut ones reflect only a part of the light received. They are usually made to increase the carat weight.

Characteristics of Diamond Cuts

The proportions of the diamonds like their depth and width have a huge impact on the overall brilliance. Shallow cut stones appear lifeless because most of the light is lost at the bottom. If it is cut too deep then the light escapes through the sides and darkens the stone. Only ideal cut diamonds have the light reflected to reveal its brilliance. The symmetry of the diamond is also very important. Symmetry is nothing but the alignment of all its polished and flat facets. When the symmetry is perfect you can see the scintillating effect of light which does not happen when there is no symmetry. The facets should also be very smooth and polished to reflect the light properly.

Some of the common problems with the diamond cuts include a chipped, broken, misaligned or missing culet, facets which are misaligned, poor proportions due to too thick or thin girdle, fringed or cracked girdle or a table which slopes to a side. Buy the diamonds only from reputed jewelers after inquiring about their characteristics. Inspect various stones, make comparisons and purchase the best diamond cuts out of them.