Engagement rings represent one of the most important gifts a man will ever present and one of the most important gifts a woman will ever receive. An engagement ring is given by a man to a woman as a promise to marry her. In accepting the ring, the woman is accepting the man’s proposal of marriage. Because there is so much symbolism represented in the ring, choosing engagement rings is serious business.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Traditionally, most engagement rings contain a large diamond, either alone or set with other, smaller diamonds or other gems. Diamonds pair well with emeralds, sapphires, pearls and rubies. Diamonds are the world’s hardest natural substance and have come to symbolize the strength of the union they represent.

The majority of natural diamonds in the world are mined by the DeBeers company, doing business in Johannesburg, South Africa and London, England.

When choosing a diamond, there are four standard criteria that should be considered: cut, clarity, color and carat weight. When purchasing one of these brilliant gems, men are told to start their search expecting to spend at least the same amount as two months’ worth of their salaries. A great deal depends on the size of the stone, how it is cut, how clear it is and the color. There is no such thing as a perfectly clear diamond. All natural diamonds have some flaws but the unaided eye cannot detect many.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Some women, wishing to express their individuality, will state a desire for an engagement ring that is centered around a stone other than a diamond. Sometimes, this stone will be the woman’s birthstone. Other times it is a stone that she finds particularly attractive or perhaps one that is symbolic to the couple. One of the most famous women to wear an engagement ring that was not centered on a diamond is Princess Diana. Her sapphire ringed by diamonds now rests on the hand of Kate Middleton, fiancée of Diana’s son, Prince William.

Emeralds and rubies can be set either as solitary stones or accompanied by diamonds to create stunning, unique engagement rings. The only drawback to these rings is that these stones are not as hard as diamonds and care must be taken so that they are not damaged.

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Sometimes, there is a ring that has been in the family for generations and a young man may wish to use this as an engagement ring. Engagement rings of this type can include the Irish claddagh ring or a ring that belonged to a mother or grandmother.

Rings of this nature can symbolize the family’s acceptance of the impending union.
These engagement rings hold a special sentimental value to the wearer as well as her fiancé and the families of both.

Today, there is no standard for what an engagement ring has to look like. There are even couples that have engagement rings tattooed on their fingers rather than having a ring made of silver or gold.

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