Women want a beautiful diamond engagement ring

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The perfect way to propose your lady is to invite her for a romantic evening and then ask her hand for marriage by slipping a beautiful diamond engagement ring on her finger. According to tradition engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it is believed that the vein of this finger passes directly through our heart. And by placing diamond ring on that finger you can stay connected with your love forever. There is a saying that “diamonds are forever”, this means that your love will also remain forever and the ring will be the witness of it.

But if you are wondering how to buy a perfect diamond engagement ring for your love then you must keep these few tips in mind.

Find her ring size

If you are planning to give her a surprise then you must be very careful in finding her ring size. You can ask her friends or relatives for her finger size or you can take an impression on soap when she is not around. Another way to find her size is that you can wear her ring on your own finger and mark the area on your finger. And remember the jeweler will be able to measure the size of the diamond engagement ring.

Consider her style

Before purchasing your diamond engagement ring you must not forget that she will wear the ring everyday. And hence it should suit her hands and must be comfortable to wear. You must make sure that the look of the ring must suit her lifestyle and personality. You must also have the idea of which metal is her favorite yellow gold, white gold or platinum. And you can know this by paying attention to the jewelry she wears daily.

Select the right setting for your diamond engagement ring

You must also make sure that you have selected a right setting for your diamond engagement ring. You must never forget that the setting should reflect the style of your sweetheart. It is the setting of the ring only that brings the beauty of diamond.

Shape of diamond

Another thing which you must decide is the shape of the diamond. Generally the most popular shapes are round and heart shaped diamond. But you must select the one that suits her personality.

Learn the 4C’S of diamond

The 4C’S of diamond that includes color, carat, cut and clarity are the important aspects which you must consider while selecting your diamond engagement ring. Before selecting the diamond for your ring it is very important to have the knowledge of 4C’S because it is obvious that you want to gift the best diamond engagement ring to your lady.

Buy your diamond engagement ring from a reputable jeweler

You should also make sure that you are purchasing your ring from the reputed jeweler. It is very important to buy a ring from the honest jeweler. And in case if you are buying your ring online then you must make sure of the credibility of the store. And you can check the credibility of the store by reading reviews online.

By selecting a diamond engagement ring which has all the elements you can make your moment memorable and she will cherish the ring for her rest of the life.

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