Engagement rings are one of the most important pieces of jewelry that most women will ever receive. From the moment when the question is popped and throughout the ensuing marriage, this ring will be worn every day as a symbol of a couple’s love and commitment. As it is so often worn, it is important that you find a style that you absolutely love, and that shows off your personal style. The following guide will introduce you to a few different types of rings, each of which will appeal to different brides. By considering which category most fits your personality, you will be better able to narrow down your choices when looking for the perfect fit.

Classic Engagement Rings For The Traditional Bride

There are few rings that are more timeless and elegant than the diamond solitaire. This ring, typically featuring a large, single stone on a gold or platinum band, will never

go out of style and is instantly recognizable as a symbol of one’s engagement. Given that it is such a timeless option, brides will never need to worry about their ring going out of style. Many of the women, or proposing men, who opt for this style consider themselves traditionalists in some way. They may be planning a large wedding in a church, or an intimate gathering with their families.

Vintage Engagement Rings For Brides Who Are Individuals

The vintage engagement rings style is a great choice for women who want to show off their unique personality through one of a kind pieces. These rings can often be found at both local and online jewelry stores at almost any price range imaginable. Vintage lovers will adore the intricacy of these bands, the whimsical ways in which the diamonds are mounted and the feeling that these unique rings are a part of history. Those who are shopping for vintage pieces should consider getting them appraised on their own before making the purchase to ensure that they are paying a reasonable price for their fine jewelry piece.

Engagement Rings Featuring Precious Stones Other Than Diamonds

One trend that is growing in popularity is couples who are opting for a stone other than a diamond for the centerpiece of their engagement rings. Diamond engagement jewelry is actually a relatively new trend, with those in the past occasional using sapphires, emeralds and other beautiful and eye catching stones to show their love. Such rings are available through almost all jewelers who offer a full line of bridal pieces. For those who are interested in doing something different, but who would still love to wear a diamond, rough cut or colored diamonds are another fashion forward option for savvy brides.

Finding engagement rings that will match your personality and show the world that you have found the person that you will love forever is a great feeling. Given that this is such an important part of your life, really take the time when shopping to find a piece that perfectly matches your personal style and personality. No matter which category you may fall into, each of the types of engagement rings described above are sure to be a beautiful daily reminder of your love.