The Four C’s of a Diamond Explained

Most people don’t know what the four C’s of a diamond actually are or means. Here is a great article that explains it in pretty good detail:

The concept of buying a diamond engagement ring is exciting and pleasurable; you are after all likely to be purchasing this gift for someone you love. However time should be taken to do some research as without a certain amount of knowledge and forethought it can quickly end up being a stressful occasion.

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material known to man, and as such it is extremely durable which simply adds to the attraction for making jewelry which does not fade. It should not be a surprise that jewelers have combined diamonds with gold, precisely for their combined beauty and long-lasting appearance.

Almost every jeweler will be able to tell you about the four C’s which affect diamond prices. They refer to:

Carat (Weight)

Understanding the four C’s is important when considering purchasing a diamond.

The Four C’s


The weight of a diamond is measured in carats and the term itself comes from the use of the seeds of the Carob tree to weigh diamonds many years ago. The carat of a diamond is divided into 100 points thus 0.25 points is a quarter carat. The larger the diamond the greater the carat and the more expensive it will be.


Diamonds are actually available in varying colors, although the most popular is by far the white diamond. While many diamonds appear to have no color this is not really the case. Many have colors such as yellow or brown and often can only be noticed when they are put next to each other. Diamond colors are graded with the clearest having a grading of “D”. The more color the greater the alphabetical letter. For example a mid-range color would be “L” whilst the darkest color is “SZ”. Although the greater the color the less valuable they generally are some diamonds have very rare colors such as reds and blues and these can be very expensive.


The clarity of a diamond is determined by the amount of air or foreign matter that may be present. The fewer air or foreign matter particles present then the higher the clarity and therefore the higher the value. Lack of clarity affects the way light travels through and again the sparkle will be less.

Flawless diamonds are rare and very expensive, As with colors there is a grading. Flawless are denoted by the letter F. VVS denotes a diamond which is Very, Very Slightly imperfect. VS denotes Very Slightly imperfect, SI denotes Slightly Imperfect and finally, the cheapest is I, for Imperfect.

Remember – F, VVS, VS, SI and I – the most valuable at the start of the scale.


Diamond cutting is an art and increasingly today a science. The cut relates to the shaping performed by the diamond cutter. This is a professional job as the person must have significant knowledge of the structure of a raw diamond in order to produce the shape and enhance the beauty of the stone. Determining the cut of a diamond affects the way in which light travels through and is reflected by the stone and this produces the sparkle that they are famous for. The concept to maximize the amount of light that is refracted, if the cut is shallow the light does not refract and the diamond will not have the sparkle.

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Knowing The Four C’s of a Diamond Will Educate You

Hopefully, so far you have learned the four C’s of diamonds. Having that knowledge will help you make an educated decision on your diamond purchase. Being educated is the best way to buy a diamond and know exactly what you are getting for your money.

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